Industry News: Clinique Launches New Color!

Earlier this month Clinique launched their long awaited Color Line.  The normally conservative line has stepped out of their box just a bit and added some very bold colors.  The also changed the formula a bit.  This new formula is said to be more pigmented and lasts longer.

One thing that I noticed about this color change is that the selection of matte colors is a bit more limiting.  Read HERE about my thoughts on the stigma of “only matte colors after a certain age”.

Here is the list of new shades.  You will notice that some of their old shadows returned with the new formula!



  • French Vanilla (single)
  • Sunset Glow (single) (Personal Favorite!)
  • Black Honey (single) (Also! Personal Favorite!)
  • Stroke of Midnight (single)
  • Sugar Cane (single)
  • Foxier (single)
  • Nude Rose (single)
  • French Roast (single)


  • Like Mink (duo) (returning)
  • Starlight Starbright (duo)
  • Sand Dunes (duo)
  • Ivory Bisque/Bronze Satin (duo) (returning)
  • Teddy Bear (quad) (returning)
  • Jenna’s Essentials (quad) (Personal Favorite!)

Golds and Greens


  • Daybreak (single) (returning)
  • Peach Pop (single)
  • at Dusk (single)
  • Olive in my Martini (single)
  • Lemongrass (single)
  • Pacific Coast (single)
  • Black Jade (single)


  • Buttered Toast (duo)
  • Neutral Territory (duo)
  • Wave after wave (duo)
  • Nightcap (duo)
  • On Safari (quad)
  • Morning Java (quad) (personal favorite!)



  • Angel Eyes (single)
  • Bubble Bath (single)
  • Raspberry Beret (single)
  • Blushed (single)
  • Silver Lining (single)
  • Ballet Slippers (single)
  • Hazy (single)
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry (single)


  • Strawberry Fudge (duo) (returning)
  • Uptown Downtown (duo)
  • Seashell Pink/Fawn-Satin (duo) (returning)
  • Day into Date (duo)
  • Pink Chocolate (quad) (returning)
  • Smoke and Mirrors (quad)

Purples and Blues


  • Rock Violet (single)
  • Lavender Out Loud (single)
  • Purple Pumps (single)
  • Graphite (single)
  • Portobello (single)
  • Lagoon (single)
  • Deep Dive (single)


  • Jammin’ (duo)
  • Blackberry frost (duo) (returning)
  • Twilight Mauve/Brandied Plum (duo) (returning)
  • Beach Plum (duo) (returning)
  • Galaxy (quad)
  • Going Steady (quad)

With colors like these the might just rival MAC or Lancome for their boldness!

Props Clinique!

Retail $15-$28

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

*all photos courtesy of Serenitysdoor